About Us

Our Focus

Gurumanzi is an innovative, Strategic Water Solutions provider.

We are focused on

  • consulting and research services in all the water related sectors
  • assisting business to re-assess their responses to the changing water landscape
  • providing the platform for ‘disruptive technologies’ to be sourced, refined, integrated and brought to market
  • packaging disruptive technology from various partners and suppliers into viable commercial offerings
  • providing optimal solutions to address various water challenges facing Africa

    • Residential Estates - home owners associations, body corporates & managing agents
    • Business & Industrial Estates - operations managers, corporate risk officers
    • Schools and academic institutions
    • Professional Household solutions

  • providing services to businesses that create bankable, long-term, strategic plans related to water

The company is located in Fourways, Gauteng, RSA and was formed in 2012 to initially focus on safe, ‘point-of-use’, water disinfection and storage solutions. The company initially went to market through commercial online channels and was recently restructured to offer complete, tailored, water supply solutions to the market.

Dr. Anthony Turton was recently appointed as a Director early in 2106 to give strategic direction to the company.

Suppliers and Partners

  • A Strategic Partner for Hydrochemical Activation (HCA), and Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) technology from various suppliers around the globe

  • A Marketing Partner of Bidvest SA Water, to supply Uninterrupted Water Supply (UWS) Solutions to targeted communities

  • A Partner to the Association of Residential Communities (ARC) for Water Supply Solutions


Gordon Allen
Dr. Anthony Turton
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